Investment Partners

Seed Investment Partners (Pty) Ltd is a regulated Category II FSP that provides Financial Advisors with practical value-adding investment solutions. We focus on reducing business and professional risk and enhancing value. We’ve identified 3 ways we can help you grow your business.

Category II Investment Management

As a financial advisor with a Category I License, proactively managing your client’s investments isn’t practically possible without falling short of the principles of Treating Customers Fairly. But given our experience, and Category II License, we can help you better manage you clients’ assets, provide research, short list management, model portfolios and bespoke portfolio management. All of which we tailor to your specific needs.

Model Portfolio Management

Model Portfolios, or Wrap Funds, are portfolios professionally managed, target return and / or risk profiled solutions managed by a Category II FSP for clients of Category I FSP – The step before your own Unit Trust.

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Fund & Manager Research

As multi-managers, we research funds and managers extensively and independently. We are experienced selectors of asset class, investment managers and investment funds.

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Short List Fund Management

In most financial advisory business fund and manager research and selection is applied inconsistently across clients and risk ‘profiles’. We provide financial planners with well researched fund options to meet their client investment objectives.

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Client Service | Stay on top of the paperwork

Client Service challenges can be overwhelming, specifically after the initial take-on. Reporting back to clients on a regular basis, accurately, systematically and at low cost is often the biggest and most time- consuming task financial advisors face. Our Seed Analytics Team provides simple solutions to implement consolidated monthly client reporting that frees you to focus on what you do best.

Business Management

In a landscape that is increasingly regulated and marked by the continuous need to consider mergers, acquisitions and consolidation, it is imperative that advisors have accurate and regular information on their practices and businesses. Accurate and up to date knowledge considerably reduces business risk and maximises a business’ values. Our Seed Analytics Team provides detailed analysis of the investment business of a brokerage, enabling better management of staff, clients, business profitability and regulatory risks.

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