Our Advice Philosophy

At Seed, we know that it is our responsibility to understand the financial circumstances of each client. Developing this intimate understanding enables us to assist our clients in identifying their needs and goals and how to best achieve the mutually agreed objectives within their preferred boundaries.

A Financial Roadmap

In our advice process we develop a financial roadmap for our clients through continuous consulting and investigation of the best possible solutions available nationally and internationally. This roadmap identifies the destination, demarcates possible routes and identifies potential potholes, whilst showing the pit stops and landmarks along the way.

The Journey we undertake with each client is one which we endevour to see through from beginning to end, as a partner – we do this by aligning our interests with those of our client in a mutually beneficial way

Benefits of Our Advice

At Seed, our clients partner with a dedicated wealth manager whose primary focus is providing bespoke financial advice to match the risk appetite, needs and objectives of the client. By fully understanding a client’s balance sheet, income statement and legal structures, our wealth managers construct a risk appropriate solution that will best meet the clients’ specific needs. All solutions are continuously updated and refined as the client progresses on their life journey. By taking a holistic view, our wealth managers will provide guidance on how each small and individual building block will contribute to the overall success of our client’s long term plan.

Access to Specialists

Our wealth managers have direct access to a treasure chest of extensive research, analysis and modelling expertise, all carried out by a dedicated team of investment professionals. We provide a detailed analysis of our clients existing portfolio and offer a comprehensive bespoke solution to optimize their ability to reach their goals.

Regular Reporting

Clients receive a monthly report on their investments, including performance figures and cash flows giving them the peace of mind that they are always kept informed. They will also receive a monthly market overview to provide context. Our investment report can be drafted to include all of our clients’ investment assets, even those not under the care of Seed, so as to provide a single document detailing their overall portfolio summary, asset allocation and performance track record.