The Seed Balanced Prescient Fund is a Multi Asset High Equity Fund.

As a multi-managed multi strategy Fund, Seed is responsible for tactical asset allocation and strategy selection, with the focus on tilting the Fund to asset classes offering the most value. Manager selection is skewed towards owner managed investment firms with a consistent, repeatable process. The Fund aims to generate CPI + 6% pa over rolling 5 year periods and avoid negative returns over any 3 year period. The Fund is Regulation 28 compliant and is therefore suitable for investments in retirement funds. The net equity weighting (including global equity) will never exceed 75% of the Fund’s market value.

Launch NAV 100.00 cpu
Current NAV 227.36 cpu
Fund Size R 1 120m
Benchmark CPI + 6% pa
Return Horizon 5 Years
Risk Horizon 3 Years
ASISA Classification SA - Multi Asset - High Equity
Regulation 28 Compliant
TFSA Compliant
Min Lump Sum R 5000
Min Recurring R 500
Valuation Daily
Valuation Time 15h00
Dealing Cut Off 13h00
Performance None
Annual 1.44%
TER 1.75%
Calculation Date 30 Jun 2023
Payment Apr
Recent Distributions
April 23 #REF!
April 22 #REF!
Anualised returns
Period Fund Libor
Since Launch 8.6% 11.2%
10 Years 6.8% 11.1%
5 Years 5.7% 11.0%
3 Years 8.5% 11.8%
1 Year 12.5% 10.8%
Fund Statistics
Annualised Volatility 9.2%
Positive Months 69%
Maximum Drawdown -20.9%
Highest Annual Return 35.9%
Lowest Annual Return -16.0%
Asset Allocation
Manager Allocation

Seed Balanced Prescient Fund

Fund Managers
  • Ian de Lange, CA (SA)
  • Mike Browne, CFA
Risk Rating
Low High
Fund Fact Sheet
Archived Fact Sheets

Seed fund range


Please note that we have recently been made aware of instances where unauthorised individuals have attempted to impersonate one or more of our Financial Advisors on social platforms, specifically Telegram, to encourage the sale of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency schemes.

We want to take this opportunity to emphasise that Seed Investments communicates with our clients exclusively through our official telephone and email channels only, and that we will never contact you or attempt to offer any form of advice to you via any social platforms.

Please be advised that we do not engage in the trading or selling of Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrencies. If you receive communication from any other platform claiming to represent Seed Investments or offering investment opportunities within these schemes, we kindly request you to treat such attempts as spam.

In the event that you encounter such unsolicited communication, we urge you to lodge a formal complaint with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) on 0800 313 626 / 0800 203 722 or send an email to

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership,


Sean Farrell
Chief Executive Officer


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