The Seed Global Equity Fund is an Equity Fund.

As a multi-managed Fund, Seed is responsible for strategy selection, with the focus on tilting the Fund to investment styles and geographies offering the most value. Manager selection is skewed towards owner managed investment firms with a consistent, repeatable process. The Fund aims to generate a return of MSCI ACWI (NR) over rolling 7 year periods and avoid negative returns over any 5 year period. The net equity weighting will typically exceed 90% of the Fund’s market value.

Launch NAV $ 100.00
Current NAV 90.5728 cpu
Fund Size $ 13m
Benchmark MSCI ACWI NR
Return Horizon 7 Years
Risk Horizon 5 Years
Min Lump Sum $ 5000
Min Recurring $ 1000
Valuation Daily
Valuation Time 17h00 (New York time)
Dealing Cut Off 10h00 (Irish time)
Performance None
Annual 0.75%
TER 1.12%
Calculation Date 31 Dec 2023
Payment 0
Recent Distributions
- N/A
- N/A
Anualised returns
Period Fund Libor
Since Launch -4.0% 1.7%
1 Year 14.0% 17.5%
Fund Statistics
Annualised Volatility 17.2%
Positive Months 52%
Maximum Drawdown -30.0%
Highest Annual Return 20.2%
Lowest Annual Return -24.5%
Asset Allocation
Manager Allocation

Seed Global Equity Fund USD

Fund Managers
  • Ian de Lange, CA (SA)
  • Mike Browne, CFA
Risk Rating
Low High
Fund Fact Sheet
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Seed fund range


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